Moisturizers are special products intended to restore moisture to your skin. They’re a lot like other skincare ingredients, but they’re specifically designed to be applied to the skin. They’re made with ingredients that tend to feel better on the skin.

Because moisturizers are so basic, and because they’re so similar to other skincare products. They can be used in almost any skincare routine or regimen.

If you have dry skin or need extra hydration, you might want to look for moisturizers that are formulated with more emollients, like oils and kinds of butter.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to avoid these kinds of moisturizers and use ones that are more lightweight, like lotions or lotion serums.

Types Of Moisturizers

There are many different types of moisturizers, each for a specific purpose.

Creams are the most common type of moisturizer that works perfectly for dry skin. It is thicker in texture and thus provides a thick layer of moisture.

Creams are best to be used at night because of their heaviness. People with sensitive skin should go for creams that do not contain fragrance, as they can cause irritation.

Lotions are another common type of moisturizer. They are less thick than creams so they work well for all skin types, especially those with oily skin. They usually have a lighter consistency and contain more water than oils and butter.

The hydrating ingredients like aloe vera in lotions penetrate easily into the skin without blocking pores, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Serums have the thinnest consistency among all moisturizer types, so they are good for oily or acne-prone skin because they absorb into the skin quickly and do not clog pores like some of the heavier ones do.

A serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients than any other type of moisturizer – up to 70% – which means you can use less product while getting better results.

The Benefit Of Moisturizers

Moisturizers are formulated to protect and hydrate your skin. They’re designed to help reduce skin dryness and manage the effects of aging, and they can also help with skin disorders like eczema. They also help to combat deep lines of aging skin

A moisturizer is a great way to make your skin look and feel smoother and it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine!

While you can find moisturizers for every type of skin, there are some general rules that apply across the board:

Apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower or bath. This allows it to better penetrate your skin.

Use a gentle, unscented moisturizer if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Scented formulas may cause irritation or allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.

Look for a moisturizer that contains sunscreen if you’ll be spending time outdoors. Sunscreen works best when applied directly on clean, dry skin (which means right after you get out of the shower.


Can moisturizer be used as a foundation?

Yes, moisturizers can be used as foundations. While this is a very common practice, it is not a good idea for everyone. You will want to apply the moisturizer to a clean face, or it could cause breakouts. You also want to ensure your face is as moisturized as possible to ensure it will not clog pores or cause redness.

If you do use a moisturizer as a foundation, you want to use a creamy consistency and apply it with a brush.

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