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Best Lotion for Dry Itching Skin in winter

It is statistically shown that about 85% of teenage girls have acne. This starts mostly at the age of 11.

Best Lotion for Dry Itching Skin in winter

Winter can be so cruel for to skin because it is the season of itching. This affects all ages but prominent among older people that have dry skin.

best whitening lotion for dry skin in winter

Winter weather has a lot to play in dry skin because during this period, there is a loss of water in the atmosphere (relative humidity drops).

best men's face moisturizer

Survey carried out revealed that about 50-60% of men have been reported to dry sensitive skin problem.  A sensitive skin that is very dry doubles the challenge. 

The question now is ‘what is really the cause of this dry sensitive prone acne skin? This occurs when a dry skin overcompensates or overreact by pumping up oil (sebum) production.

On the chance that you are battling with dry skin, picking the ideal setting powder can be very difficult. It is not easy trying to strike that balance between avoiding excess shine…

Best Makeup Primer For Dry Aging Skin

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Finding a safe moisturizer for dry sensitive eczema skin that doesn’t make your skin worse can be challenging…


Louis & Clara Chilton

My name is Louis Chilton and am 32 years old, I have done several research on skin problems; most especially dry skin and I noticed that most Americans search for it and find no real solution (no website seem to talk about dry skin). This problem should not be neglected.

My wife’s and I aims to find and communicate the solution to the problems of dry skin on this platform.

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