Best Smelling Lotion For Women In 2021

One of the major factors that should really be in place when locating an ideal lotion for your skin is its moisturizing capacity, but it can be quite challenging when that moisturizer (lotion) smells horrible. Most women prefer a body lotion that smells as good as our favorite perfumes. They really do not know that … Read more

Best Men’s Face Moisturizer for Oily Skin In 2021

Some people find it very difficult to believe that “Oily Skin Needs Moisturization” How? Moisturization keeps the skin barrier intact most especially when using an oily skin medication that may dry out the skin. In this situation, mostly when dealing with the face, an oil-free moisturizer comes into play.One thing people fail to understand is … Read more

Best Lotion For Oily Skin Face In 2021

When you have oily skin most especially on the face, it will be very difficult trying to locate the ideal lotion for your skin. This is mainly because there is an abundance of lotion which Is mainly meant for oily skin face in the market. this makes it very challenging to pick the best out … Read more


A good body smell is one of the most defining physical attributes that comes to your mind whenever someone walk past you. So how do you feel when you see people smelling good, do you envy them? Anywhere they are regardless of what they are doing i.e at the gym, house, at work, etc. They … Read more

6 Best Whitening Body Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter In 2021

Globally it has been recorded that there will be an increase in the market value of whitening body lotions every year. The U.S holds a major part of the market due to the high demands for whitening skin products. The major factor that has hasten the production of these whitening products is individual minds on … Read more

Best Body Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin in Winter: Top 2021 Reviews

Based on Harris polls research, about 51% of Americans suffer from itching skin during winter. Other than itching skin, another skin problem that comes alongside is redness. But most patients majorly complain of itching skin. Winter can be cruel to the skin because it’s a season of low humidity. This can make you lose more … Read more