Red Dry Flaky Skin Around Mouth: Causes And Treatment

One of the most embarrassing skin issues associated with dry skin is redness and flaky skin around the mouth.  This skin condition is known as chapped lips. The mouth area along with the face is the most sensitive part of the skin and also the most exposed.

During winters when the skin dries out, the lips become very dry and experience chapping.
Sometimes the redness and flaking around the mouth do not go because it can be sometimes persistent. You can only find relief by treating the underlying cause.

In this article, we will describe some causes of dry flaky skin around the mouth, as well as treatments and home remedies.

Red Dry Flaky Skin Around Mouth

What Is Flaky Dry Skin?

Flaky dry skin is a condition that causes your skin to appear flaky and scaly. It’s not a serious condition, but it can make you uncomfortable and cause itching.

Flaky dry skin usually develops on the soles of your feet and the tops of your hands. It can also appear on other parts of your body, such as your elbows or knees and around your mouth.

The Major Causes Of Red Dry Flaky Skin Around The Mouth

The major cause of red dry flaky skin around the mouth is called angular cheilitis. This is a common condition that can occur in people who wear braces or have dental crowns. The condition occurs when the skin around the corners of your mouth becomes inflamed and cracked.

It is caused by an infection, usually with a type of bacterial called nucleatum fusobacterium. Angular cheilitis can also be caused by poor oral hygiene or dry lips that are chapped and cracked.

If you have angular cheilitis, you may also notice that your gums are red and swollen, or you might notice a white coating on your teeth. If you do not treat this condition, it may lead to other problems such as tooth decay or tooth loss due to gum disease (periodontitis).

Other causes include

Dry air

This is one of the most common causes of dry flaky skin. When you’re too warm, your pores open wider than normal and allow bacteria to grow in your skin. The bacteria then release toxins that cause redness and swelling of the skin, which makes it look dry and flaky.

Skin irritation

If you have sensitive skin or eczema, it’s easy for irritation to cause dry flaky patches on your mouth or other parts of your body where you can’t apply moisturizers easily such as your elbows or knees.

Irritation is also common when using products with harsh chemicals like bleach or detergent. These ingredients can make your skin more susceptible to infections so they should be avoided whenever possible.


Your doctor may prescribe medications such as corticosteroids or antibiotics that cause your skin to become more vulnerable to dryness. Certain medications used to treat other health conditions (such as epilepsy) may also contribute to your propensity for developing dry flaky patches on your body.

Symptoms Of Red Dry Flaky Skin Around The Mouth

You might have noticed a red, dry flaky skin around your mouth that won’t go away. This can be a sign of an underlying condition, such as rosacea. Here are some of the most common symptoms of this condition:


Rosacea causes redness on your face, especially around your nose and cheeks. It’s usually not as severe as it is in other conditions like acne or psoriasis, but it can be quite noticeable when combined with flaky skin around the mouth.


The combination of redness and flaking skin makes rosacea look like dry skin or eczema at first glance. However, there’s no itching involved with rosacea so if you’ve tried treating eczema before without success then try something else instead.

Flaking/peeling skin

As mentioned above, one of the most common symptoms associated with rosacea is flaking or peeling skin around your mouth. Although this is often mistaken for dry skin or eczema at first glance because it looks similar.

Other symptoms of red, dry, and flaky skin around the mouth can include

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Cracking


There are a number of ways you can treat dry, flaky skin around your mouth.

Increase water intake

First and foremost, you should always stay hydrated. While this may sound obvious, it’s important to remember that your skin is made up of layers, the outermost layer is called the epidermis, which is responsible for waterproofing your body and keeping moisture in.

So when you’re not properly hydrated (and especially if you’re dehydrated), this barrier becomes compromised.

Use a moisturizing toothpaste

If you have dry skin around your mouth and it’s flaking off in large pieces, try using moisturizing toothpaste to help keep your lips moist. You can also use petroleum jelly on your lips to help prevent dryness.

Also, avoid using toothpaste and products containing fluoride on your lips and mouth area because they may increase dryness and irritation of the skin.

If you have dry red skin around your mouth that’s flaking off in small pieces, try applying an over-the-counter lotion like Aquaphor Healing Ointment to soothe the area and protect it from further irritation from scratching and brushing.

Use a hydrating mask

You may want to consider using a hydrating mask on your face every night before bedtime or whenever you feel like you need extra hydration.

These masks are specifically formulated to help combat dryness and flakes while also leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. There are so many different types of masks that you’ll definitely find one that works best for you.

Try exfoliating with a simple scrub or face wash

The rough texture will help remove dead skin cells from your mouth. And will bring back your natural pH levels. You can also try using a product with benzoyl peroxide in it to help fight bacteria (just make sure to apply it carefully so that you don’t irritate your skin).

How To Prevent Red Dry Flaky Skin Around Mouth

Do not use products containing sulfates, alcohol, or any other drying agents. These products can dry out your skin and cause redness, flaking, and irritation.

If you are using a topical medication or treatment for psoriasis, avoid using it around your mouth. If you have dry, scaly skin around your mouth, try using a moisturizing mask or lotion that contains ingredients such as glycerin and honey.

This will help to soothe the irritated area and prevent redness from forming.

Avoid using sugary foods or drinks, as they make it easier for bacteria to grow on your teeth and gums by creating an environment that’s not conducive to your body’s natural defenses against them (such as brushing). Avoiding sugary food helps to prevent dry mouth.

Home Remedies For Dry Flaky Skin Around The Mouth

Dry flaky skin around your mouth can be a real hassle, especially when you have to deal with it on a daily basis. There are many home remedies for dry flaky skin around the mouth that you can try to help alleviate the problem. These remedies include:

Apply honey twice a day

Apply honey to the affected area twice daily until it heals up completely. Honey can be used as an effective moisturizer for dry flaky skin since it has antibacterial properties which help fight off bacteria that cause breakouts such as acne or pimples on the face.

Apply coconut oil to your face and mouth every night before bedtime

Coconut oil has been shown to be very effective in combating dry skin around the mouth, so adding some coconut oil into your nighttime routine is definitely worth trying out.

Just rub some coconut oil onto your face and around your mouth before bedtime so that it can absorb into your skin overnight. This will help restore moisture back into the area while you sleep.

Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area

Try applying aloe vera gel onto your lips once or twice a day to help prevent them from becoming dry and irritated from excessive lip-licking during the day. Aloe vera is one known antioxidant used to soften flaky skin.

Take a warm bath with Epsom salts

Adding Epsom salts to a bath will go a long way in moisturizing your skin. You can also add olive oil to your bath water for extra moisturizing benefits.

Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices are excellent for soothing irritated skin because they contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Simply slice half of a cucumber and place it on your lips for 20 minutes every night before bedtime. The coolness will soothe any irritation caused by dryness or irritation from toothpaste residue.

Turmeric paste

Turmeric paste is an excellent option if you don’t want to use anything topical on your lips. If you still want some relief from dryness or irritation caused by toothpaste residue (or other products). Just mix equal parts turmeric powder with honey. This will completely combat the irritations.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic and astringent that helps to dry out the area and clear up any infection.

Just mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of water in a small spray bottle. Spray onto the affected areas after each meal and you’ll notice a difference in how your skin feels within two weeks.

Tea Tree Oil

If you’re looking for an all-natural option, tea tree oil is a great choice. It works by killing off the bacteria and fungi that can cause irritation on the skin, so it will help to clear up any infection and reduce redness.

Tea tree oil should be used twice a day (morning and evening) and is safe for most people over age 12.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a home remedy for dry flaky skin around the mouth because it helps to fight infections and help kill bacteria like MRSA, which are responsible for many cases of boils on your face or neck area.

Simply mix three parts of water with one part of hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl or cup and apply regularly throughout the day until your symptoms subside completely.


With a little persistence and diligence, you can get rid of the red flaky skin around your mouth, once and for all. The remedies, treatments, and preventions listed here have worked for others, so they should also work for you. Hang in there, and soon you’ll be back to seeing an unmarked skin.

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