Coconut Oil On Skin:8 Benefits, And How To Use

Statistics have shown that the global market value of coconut oil is worth $3.44 billion in 2020 and is expected to incline to around $7.39 billion in 2030.

As of 2020, the Philippines was the highest consumer of coconut oil. They consumed about 675 thousand metric tons of coconut oil. Second and third place goes to the EU and U.S.

Coconut oil is found very useful on the skin, apart from cooking, coconut oil really shines as a beauty product.

In fact, different research has shown some major benefits of coconut oil on the skin, these benefits are listed and discussed below in this article.

Coconut Oil On Skin

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a natural oil that is made from the chemical reactions between the fats of coconuts and lauric acid. Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. It’s a popular oil in Indian and western Pacific cultures.

Coconut oil reacts with the skin to become moisturized. It’s also great for aiding in hair growth and for the skin. Coconut oil is used in skin care products and in some toothpaste. It’s also used in cooking to give food a unique flavor.

How Does Coconut Oil Work On Your Skin?

Coconut oil is one of the most important ingredients in your beauty routine because it can help restore moisture to your skin and keep it healthy, hydrated, and glowing.

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that works by binding water molecules to itself. This means that when you apply coconut oil to your skin, it will hold onto moisture and keep your skin supple.

This will also give you soft, smooth, glowing skin. It also helps to fight off the effects of the aging process by preventing cell damage caused by UV radiation.

Coconut oil is a good choice for all skin types, especially those who have problems with dryness or flaking. It’s also great for people who live in hot climates because it won’t melt even at high temperatures like other oils do.

The Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil On Skin

If you’re still having any negative thoughts of applying Coconut oil to your face and body, here are some of its benefits that will make you think twice.

Increase Hydration.

Coconut oil as a moisturizer provides long-lasting moisture and visibly softer skin on your hands and body. This can be used as a moisturizer for those battling dry skin.

On the skin, coconut oil can be used as a lip balm or as a body moisturizer. Well-extracted coconut oil is most recommended and useful for your body or hair.

You can use it for treating your hair as an in-shower mask to add and increase the moisture or smooth a bit on dry hair to tame frizz.

Increase Collagen Production.

Coconut oil provides a higher amount of collagen that helps in tightening the skin and improving its elasticity. This should surely work against wrinkled skin. collagen also helps to maintain skin firmness.

It Can Help Reduce Skin Inflammation.

Coconut oil is not only found to have an anti-inflammatory effect but also helps in relieving pain as well.

Also, coconut oil help to quench irritation by improving its antioxidant status. Antioxidants work by settling free radicals in the body, killing those receptive atoms that can contribute to inflammation.

Coconut Oil Fight Against Bacterial.

  A very common acid called lauric acid found in coconut oil has anti-microbial properties that help in eliminating bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation.

Protect Skin Against Environmental Damages. 

Coconut oil provides protective coverage against some environmental damages, dirt, and toxins that come to the skin daily.

It Absorbs Easily Into The Skin.

Coconut oil penetrates easily into the skin providing instant hydration and protection to the skin at the right time.

Coconut Oil Is Great For Sensitive Skin

It can be used to calm and smoothen the skin from irritation. It’s highly equipped with ingredients used to combat sensitive skin completely.

It Can Be Used For Fighting Eczema Outbreak

Coconut oil is one best home remedies recommended for both babies and adults battling eczema. when apply to the skin, it can help in treating eczema and dermatitis. It is common in lotions gels and moisturizers.

They Are Used To Clear Stretch Marks

Coconut oil as a moisturizer helps to hydrate, soften and smooth your skin. It is a great option for all skin types and is recommended for normal, dry, sensitive, and mature skin. They are designed to retain skin moisture and improve your skin’s elasticity to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Other Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures and has a long history of medicinal and therapeutic uses.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera).

A recent surge in popularity has made it an ingredient in many beauty products, such as soaps, deodorants, shampoos, and facial cleansers.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are saturated fats that have been shown to have several beneficial health properties.

Coconut oil can be applied topically to treat dry skin and other dermatologic problems such as eczema and acne.

Types Of Coconut Oil

There are two main types of coconut oil namely

Refined coconut oil

they are processed from dried copra. They are usually free of contaminants because they are usually well treated.

Most often they are subjected to a higher temperature and are treated with preservatives, this makes them more durable than virgin coconut oil.

The Unrefined Or Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the less processed form of coconut oil, they are regarded as the best for health because their antioxidants are still much complete. They do not last long because they are unstable, usually without preservatives.

How Is Coconut Oil Processed

Generally, coconut oil is mainly extracted from kernels of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm and is found to have a high amount of saturated fats.

They can also be obtained using wet milling or dry milling. In wet milling, coconut kernel is disintegrated using a colloidal mill and mixed with a small amount of water before being pressed through the expeller.

How To Use Coconut Oil On Skin

Coconut Oil On Skin

Follow the steps below to get a perfect result on your skin

  • Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • liquefy it and then rub gently to the dried area, The liquid oil will have a silky, light texture.
  • Don’t forget to remove thick residue if there is any with soft tissue.
  • Avoid the use of cotton wool as it will drag the oil from your skin.
  • Don’t forget to rub your face before sleeping.
  • Try not to rub the oil on your eyes, as it might make your vision hazy for a brief time.

Also if you are following your skincare regimen, it is nice you follow the correct order of applying skincare product

STEP 1. Apply cleanser first

STEP 2. Then apply toner.

STEP 3. Apply antioxidant serum.

STEP 4. Then is time to apply your coconut oil

STEP 5. Apply your eye cream

STEP 6. And lastly, apply your sunscreen

Best Coconut Oils For Skin

The following are the most recommended coconut oil product for your skin.

Kopari Organic Coconut Melt | Multi-Purpose Skin Moisturizer

This is one recommended product by amazon for your skin, The kopari coconut melt can be used as a hydrating hair mask, and everyday body lotion.

Also, it works as a nourishing makeup remover, dry shave oil, moisturizing bath boost, under-eye dark circle rescue, baby buttercream, or stretch mark belly balm.

  This kopari organic coconut oil is purely sourced from the Philippines that are full of fatty acids (Lauric, Capric, and Caprylic), vitamin E, and antioxidants. This can help restorative proteins to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, supple, and smooth.

NATUREWELL Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream for Face and Body

This is also another best-recommended product by amazon Formulated with proven antioxidants, this cream is a light yet effective skin conditioner.

It Provides intense hydration to help maintain visually softer, smoother, & more supple skin. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Provides ultimate hydration. It contains all vitamins from A to E.

It is cruelty-free and contains no parabens, it is applied over the face and body twice a day.

Nutiva Organic, Steam Refined Coconut Oil 

  This well-refined coconut oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer, eye make-up remover, and deep conditioning hair treatment.

You can combine Nutiva Coconut Sugar and your favorite essential oil for an exfoliating, refreshing body scrub.   It is non-GMO and rich in lauric acid and MCTs.

Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil 

This unrefined virgin coconut oil is made from fresh organic coconut, it is a perfect product for cooking.

Also, this product provides deep, nutrient-rich hydration without feeling sticky or greasy for dry skin. it can also be used on the skin for hair treatment. 100% gluten-free and non-GMO and is USDA-Certified.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil for hair is a great way to moisturize your strands and keep them healthy, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. It can also help to prevent split ends, which is a common problem among women of color with natural hair.

Coconut oil is also a nutritious ingredient that will help to nourish and strengthen your scalp, which gives you more bounce and shine in the long run.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil for hair is a great way to get the benefits of coconut oil without having to worry about getting it in your eyes or mouth. Coconut oil for hair has many benefits, including:

  • Hair growth
  • Loss of split ends
  • Moisturizing your scalp
  • Strengthening your hair

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil is a great product for your hair, but you have to use it correctly. It doesn’t take much coconut oil to get the job done, so don’t waste it by applying too much or rubbing it into your hair. This can be painful and leave a greasy residue on your scalp that can cause breakage.

  • Apply coconut oil to dry hair. You want to make sure that your hair is completely dry before applying coconut oil because this will help prevent any frizziness caused by too much moisture.
  • Use an applicator or brush with bristles made out of natural fibers like boar bristles or boar bristle brushes, which are good for detangling hair and removing tangles from wet or dry hair.
  • Apply a liberal amount of coconut oil to your fingers and gently massage it into your scalp starting at the ends of your hair and working up towards the roots until all areas are covered (you can also use an applicator if desired). You may want to apply more than one coat depending on how thickly you want your final product.

Coconut Oil For Nails Growth

Coconut oil is a great way to keep your nails in good health. It’s a natural moisturizer that can be used to treat dry and cracked nails, as well as fungus and athlete’s foot. Coconut oil also promotes nail growth by helping your skin produce collagen, which is needed for strong, healthy nails.

To use coconut oil for nail growth, apply a small amount of the oil to your cuticles and the surrounding skin around your nails every day.

Make sure to wash your hands after applying it so you don’t spread bacteria from your fingers onto other parts of your body. You should also try not to touch anything that may be infected with fungus or athlete’s foot while using coconut oil, this includes towels and washcloths.

Homemade Coconut Oil For Skin

While coconut oil can be used as a standalone product, it’s also an excellent addition to homemade facial scrubs or other DIY recipes.

Try mixing 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey to create a cleanser that will leave your skin feeling soft and clean after just one use.

If you’re interested in using coconut oil for hair but don’t want to buy a full jar at once (what if you want to use it again tomorrow?), try making homemade body butter instead.

Combine 4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, 2 tablespoons shea butter, 2 tablespoons cocoa butter, and 2 tablespoons of beeswax into one jar (you can add more oils if desired), then add about 3 tablespoons of coconut.


Is coconut oil good for scalp and hair growth?

Yes, it does. Coconut oil is good for the hair or scalp, it makes your hair thicker and stronger. However, if you apply coconut oil directly onto your scalp every day for months on end, then what happens?

Your scalp becomes damaged from an overgrowth of bacteria on the surface of your scalp. This bacterial overgrowth can cause inflammation and pain that may lead to permanent hair loss if left untreated.

How often should I use coconut oil on my scalp?

Use it twice a week for the best result.

Can coconut oil help combat cracked hands?

Yes, it can. Coconut oil is infused with anti-inflammatory properties that can help with cracked hands and water loss in the top layer of the skin.


You’ve probably heard about how good coconut oil is for your cooking and baking, but did you know that it can be just as beneficial to your skin? Trust us – it works.

In fact, a lot of skincare experts actually recommend using coconut oil on your face as a moisturizer. Now they also recommend combining it with other skincare products such as face wash, exfoliating scrubs, and vitamin E supplements.

There are no conclusive studies that show that the use of coconut oil directly causes faster skin cell regeneration. What we do know is that coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which promote healthier skin when applied topically.

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