6 Best Whitening Body Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter In 2022

 Best Whitening body Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter In 2020

Globally it has been recorded that there will be an increase in the market value of whitening body lotions every year.

The U.S holds a major part of the market due to the high demands for these skin products.

The major factor that has hastened the production of these whitening products is individual minds on their physical look. whitening lotions are the fast-selling product type in the market.

These products help to lighten up skin retaining your youthful appearance, Some are made with hydrating ingredients to help relieve dry skin during the winter period.

Other than retaining a youthful appearance, whitening lotions helps to cover dark spots, blemishes, and discolorations caused by hyperpigmentation.

It can be hard to get the right whitening lotion for dry skin, most of them cant moisturize alongside lightening up your skin.

But don’t panic, in this article, we will talk more about some best whitening body lotions for dry skin in winter, they are free from harmful ingredients.

Who Needs To Use A Whitening Body Lotion For Dry Skin in Winter?

Generally, lotions are like moisturizers, they help in increasing the moisture content of the skin.

Since they are meant to whiten up your skin also, know that they will contain not just hydrating ingredients.

They will contain ingredients that will help lighten up dark spots caused by sun radiation, reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Whitening body lotions are meant for almost everyone. We battle acne scars regularly, like will said previously, whitening lotions help to lighten up acne scars bringing out your real skin tone.

Are These Whitening Body Lotion for Dry Skin in Winter Different From Regular Ones?

In some products, lack of research in the manufacturing industry has led to the use of sub-standard components to meet the market requirement.

Some of these companies are now selling products with high chemicals in order to keep up with the demands of the buyers.

How do you tell if a whitening lotion is very safe to use?

So many whitening lotions out there work perfectly but is necessary to check for safe ingredients.

Some are made with toxic ingredients like hydroquinone and mercury which are toxic and harmful to human health.

So it is necessary to look at how safe a product is by accessing its working ingredients to ensure they are not toxic to humans.

The products listed in this article are very useful and different from regular ones because they contain safe ingredients that can control melanin on your skin effectively.

These ingredients are; vitamin c, azelaic acid, niacinamide, lactic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin B3, licorice root extract, bearberry, glycerin, citrus extract, glutathione, e.t.c.

The need for this skin whitening is not to bleach your skin but rather to fade out unwanted dark spots by inhibiting melanin.

So the products in this article are best because they help in reducing pigmentation which lightens your skin.

How Do I Choose The Best Whitening Body Lotion For Dry Skin In Winter?

It is unhealthy for you to choose at random most especially when it comes to picking a whitening product. There are so many important tips you must know when picking a whitening lotion which is listed below:

Your type of skin

Knowing your skin type during winter is necessary because your skin type determines the type of whitening lotion you need.

For example, some product has lemon juice which tends to make the skin dry on the other hand it works for persons with oily skin, and this result in a hazard for persons with dry skin.

Visit a dermatologist

They will give you directives on the skin and the types of chemicals to avoid during winter.

What you want

Is pertinent for you to know your expectations.

Try to know about a particular ingredient before picking a product

For example, Azelaic acid mostly helps to calm chronic eczema accompanied by irritation and sealing. However, it is also an effective skin-lightening ingredient.

What are the best whitening Body lotions for dry skin in winter

These products listed below are the best whitening body lotions for dry skin in winter in 2020 and this includes:

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion For Dry Skin

This product is widely recommended for those seeking to lighten up their skin, it is formulated with  Vitamin C extracts and SPF to noticeably even skin tone within 14 days of regular usage.

It helps to reverse the effects of sun damage without causing any damage to the skin.

This product is very moisturizing and great for daily use.


  • It has sun-screen.
  • Get rid of body hyperpigmentation and discoloration.
  • It is non greasy.
  • Smells good.


Not for sensitive skin type.

Magic lotion-10% glycolic acid, 5% lactic acid, and exfoliating body lotion

This contains active ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, stearic acid, minerals, spring water, organic argan oil, and alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) which increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

 This lotion helps in exfoliating dead skin surfaces and makes the skin more refined in texture and appearance.

By applying this exfoliating body lotion, you will immediately see a change in the skin. You get a smooth, clearer work and can feel it as it makes the skin visibly brighter.

ALSO, it can help to protect the skin against damage by free radicals.

This lotion is used once daily at night and it has a light pineapple scent.


  • It helps to  minimizes rough spots
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Perfect lotion for flaky dry skin Cons
  • None

Intimate Whitening Cream – Made in USA Skin For Lightening Face And Body With Dry Skin

Intimate whitening cream is formulated with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help supply the much-needed moisture for dry skin.

This product contains plant-based ingredients like Mulberry and Licorice Extracts formulated to help brighten skin tone to remove dark spots and excessive pigmentation for a clearer complexion.  

It naturally radiates skin and reduces dark spots, returns youthful clarity, nourishes, and leaves the skin feeling soft.


  • it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free product
  • No paraben
  • Work for hyperpigmentation
  • It lighten up your skin instantly
  • Doesnt stick
  • Non greasy
  • Works for sensitive skin Cons
  • It contains fragrance

Labo Super White 377VC Extra Deeper Formula:

This product is manufactured from the Dokutashirabo. Its active ingredient is vitamin C. It is a combined powerful ingredient for a fast and lasting result.

It also helps in skin brightening, prevents the future formation of dark spots, increases skin elasticity, promotes blood circulation, improves acne scars and itching problems.


  • Visible result
  • No fragrance
  • Best product for pigmented skin
  • It is recommended dry skin


  • Poor packaging

Fair & White 3: Premium Quality Gold Rejuvenating Moisture Lotion

 This lotion is formulated with glycerin, an infused ingredient used to soften the skin while Vitamin E reduces the appearance of age spots and helps repair tissue for a healthier appearance

This hydroquinone Free product helps in quenching dry/dehydrated skin restoring a brighter skin’s texture.

It is safe to use on sensitive skin. This lotion is applied all over the body just after you finish showering.


  • Best for whitening
  • Safe to use even for sensitive skin
  • It is mostly recommended for dry itching skin during winter Cons
  • None

Fair & White So White, Skin Brightening Lotion

This lotion is formulated with active ingredients to help lighten dark areas of the body.

Also, It helps to reduce dark areas of the skin such as the knees and elbows and can promote progressive brightening after each application.

It is applied liberally all over the body and it works properly when used regularly on day to day basis.


  • The best whitening lotion for dry skin
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by aging
  • Smells great
  • Its  affordable
  • Reduce  post acne scars


  • It contains 1.9% Hydroquinone